Daddy Can Be Cool Too

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d have some fun by inviting some of our dad’s in, dress them up in street wear goods (as best as we could) and having them take a picture with us for a little bit of fun. Check out the photos at the bottom.

It’s important that in times like these that we really look back and consider how important our dads have been in our lives. It was nice having them into the MAJORDROP HQ and catch a glimpse of what and how we do in the office – something that rarely happens.

To all Father’s out there, the team wishes you a Happy Father’s Day and we encourage every one of you to call, wish and at least hug your dad to remind them of how important they are in your life.

Just this weekend (17/6 – 19/6), use the code *DAD25* on your checkout to receive 25% OFF all goods on – use it for yourselves, or maybe even try and connect with your father by buying him something from the store. Free shipping in Malaysia all this month too.
*This code is an online exclusive for all purchases above RM150 only. 



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