Making Waves Straight Outta Singapore

Widely regarded as the coolest all ladies collective in Singapore, ATTAGIRL! is a DJ/Event collective established in 2013 as a passion project with the aim of providing a platform for females in music and art and to empower them in an open and accessible community. Currently run by 4 female DJs (A/K/A, Durio, Fatim and Jaydah) and a visualist (Empyreal), they started with small DJ nights at various venues such as Zouk, Butter Factory, Home Club, etc, choosing to focus on pushing leftfield genres of music and giving a space for aspiring girl DJS and beatmakers to experiment, explore and establish new connections. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to head-honcho, Amanda Keisha Ang (A/K/A Sounds) on their humble beginnings.


1) How Did You Get Started?

Three of us – Amanda, Serene & Syaheedah – were part of a DJ workshop for women called the FFF Girl DJ bootcamp. We kept in touch after that & decided to form ATTAGIRL! – to create our own parties.

2) Who inspired you when you ladies were starting out, locally and regionally?

Basically the people from the bootcamp who gave us a lot of encouragement. Shoutouts to our homies such as Syndicate, Phyla Digital, Darker Than Wax! If we left your name out, we humbly apologise!

3) Where do you think the music scene is currently in SEA?

It’s flourishing, for sure. Right now we see so many labels and collectives popping up and doing it DIY. Coupled with the fact that the internet has made music so much more accessible –  this creates the opportunity for listeners to tap into new genres of music & making independent producers be seen & heard. It’s encouraging to know that lots of SEA artists here are getting international recognition.

4) How are you bringing something different to the table to propel SEA music scene?

I guess our collective is not only diverse, but we do have a focus on Bass Music, which is still quite underrepresented in SEA for women, though we also keep an open ear & mind for other types of genre. We haven’t done many parties but we are always welcoming and willing to act as a link between different entities – such as an independent artist with a streetwear clothing brand like Pestle & Mortar Clothing. Basically, anyone who needs help to showcase their music!

5) Who’s another woman who’s helped empower you along your journey?

One of my oldest friend – Gracinia, who I used to play with in different bands. She’s a drummer who never really bothered about what anyone thought and just did her own thing.


Find out more about ATTAGIRL! here:





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