‘What Does Your Air Max Mean To You?’ – Through The Eyes of DJ Bunga.


Photo Credits: Streethng


Known for throwing one of KL’s OG-iest indie electro party at the legendary Barsonic @ the old Zouk KL under the collective ‘Twilight Actiongirl’, the name DJ Bunga is no stranger to the local nightlife scene. What most people don’t know is that he’s also one of KL’s OG-iest sneakerhead. In line with International Air Max day, we took the opportunity to pick his brains on one underlying question – ‘What Does Your Air Max Mean To You?’.


1) What’s Your All-Time Favourite Pair Of Nike Air Max?

The OG Neon Air Max 95, that’s the first time ever I saw a Nike shoe without a big swoosh logo, it’s just a timeless design that’s still fresh 21 years on. The Stash Air Max 95 is pretty fucking sick too. Mine died, wish Nike will reissue them soon.

2) What’s The One Pair Of Air Max You Wished You Own?

I wish I copped the Atmos Air Max 1 Viotech when I had the chance to. The Patta x Parra 1 too.


3) When Did You Buy Your First Pair Of Air Max?

Have to be probably around ’99 when the Neon 95 was reissued. When it first came out, prices reached 300,000 yen (about RM10k in ’99. which is nuts).


4) In Your Esteemed Shoe Collection, What Was That One Pair That Was Hardest To Obtain?

The 1st ever Adidas Consortium Undefeated Superstars, I got it from this Indonesian reseller who have connections with the factories there. Traded it with 3 pairs of Nike SBs but I had to threatened and bugged him for whole 3 months before he finally sent them to me. Kinda regret selling them now.


5) If You Could Design A Pair Of Air Max, What Would It Look Like?

Probably the Nike Dunk, Air Force 1 or Air Max 95. It would be dope and no, I’m not gonna tell people about it so they can rip it off.

6) If You Could Marry An Air Max With Another Pair Of Shoe, What Would It Be?

A pair of Visvim FBT with Air Max would be an interesting proposition. Or a total monstrosity.


7) Describe Your Fondest Memory With Any One Of Your Air Max?

Getting a pair of the highly coveted Air Max 95 Mita for retail, thanks to my Japanese buddy Tatsuya. People slept on that shoe, it’s now going for USD500 easily.



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